$250K to $3 MM

in your business for

25% Equity

Once accepted, you will join the 10-week growth kick-off program! As part of the program, you will have access to our proprietary operational resources including an executive mentorship.


Growth Kick-off Program

A 10-week program with industry experts. It starts with a conference and will end with a Demo day. In the Diagnostics session, your business performance will be fully evaluated by our operating engine.  When a baseline is established, you will have strategy, supply chain, finance, and marketing working sessions. Throughout the program, our team will guide you to develop a data driven strategy, will work with you to implement the tools to achieve the the strategic objectives, and track progress transparently. You will participate in the final demo day presenting your achievements.

Why Plaza?

PLAZA, is Amazon seller’s growth venture capital and business partner. We make unicorns from online businesses.

The Plaza program is for CEOs and not Sellers. We truly believe that first, “YOU” scale and go through transformation before your business scales up.  We expand your operational resources, network, and bring successful business executives to mentor you.

We think long-term.

We are invested in your success. We have skin in the game and it is not only about our investment in your company. It is about our reputation and mission.

We will work with you on an exit strategy together. We give you the option to exit or buyback your shares.

What’s in it for CEOs?

Capital for growth and additional debt financing if needed operationally

Executive mentorship and networking with investors and industry experts

Plaza partners will be your experienced finance and industry advisers who are invested in your success

Access to PLZ operating engine

AI based Strategy from PLZ Insights


Channel expansion

Exit Strategy

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